OSB Reflex

OSB Reflex core is OSB Superfinish OSB/3 type as load-bearing for use in humid conditions. Special reflective aluminum foil with cellulose base is applied on this board via adhesive laminating process. Highly reflective aluminum foil excels by its low emissivity coating which effectively reduces transmission of radiant heat. This helps reduce heat loss in winter and also excessive solar gains in summer. They can be used for example in roof structures or generally in worse thermal insulated buildings. Formwork boards are able to reduce radiant heat transfer of up to 97%, thereby reducing the temperature on a hot summer day under the roof by 5 to 15°C. They can also be well used in combination with an air gap where OSB Reflex replacing up to 50 mm of conventional thermal insulation.


EN 300 - type OSB 3; EN 13501-1: class D-s1, d0; EN 13986:2004+A1:2015

Formaldehyde class

E1 (EN 120) No added Formaldehyde


- Easy processing
- Environmentally friendly and Recyclable
- Excellent price / performance ratio
- Load-bearing board for use in dry and humid conditions
- Simple processing with conventional woodworking tools
- The radiation barrier reduces overheating in summer and heat loss in winter


- Structural roof decking

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